Not just another 'Pretty' Voice'J' Brings over 35 years of studio expertise to a project.  Whether script revision or direction is needed, his insight will make your project stand out from the rest. Production and direction via the web direct to you with a typical 24 hour turn around or less for most projects.

Media Producer - Sound Colorist - Voice Actor
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jdouglas barker

'I just wanted to let you know it was an honor to have you do my radio interview the other day. I read your bio and listened to your sound bytes on your website prior to the interview and was very impressed.  I just didn't have time during or after the interview to comment on it. '

James. R. Darnell- Author


Thank you for coordinating the radio interview.  Meeting and speaking with J. was an absolute delight.  Really enjoyed his style and the way he does an interview.  :)  Alvin Epp- Author


Just listened to the interview…and shock!  I actually liked my interview!  What I mean is…sometimes I HATE hearing my voice and things I say on the radio, but I was very happy with J. not being confrontational…just letting me talk about the book.  Confrontational media is not productive.  We need more interviewers like J.      Janalee  Tobias- Author


j.  -love how you put these together! It's better than I ever imagined! thank you so much. you are making a girls dream come true! blessings & bliss! b. Show Production Imaging



I appreciated getting acquainted with J. Douglas, who did an awesome job. Please pass along my thanks to J. Douglas.  He did a great job cleaning up the conversation we shared!  

Nita Worstine - Author


Thanks so much! I had a chance to review it. Speaking with J. was a pleasure. The interview went in his words "fantastic, wouldn't change a thing"! I was very pleased I had instant connection with him. Thank you so very much for setting it up.

Vicki Kennedy - Author




If this can be passed along to anyone with an interest, I also wanted to say that I really like J’s style (I told him so!) His good humor helped put me at ease and his interview style was supportive, while his voice and manner of speech gave the process a dignified aura. 


I would like you to pass on my thanks to J. Douglas for the interview that I had with him. I would like you to tell him that he was fabulous! He made the interview which could have been potentially stressful really comfortable. I would like you to especially express my sincere thanks to him for his professionalism, expertise and his skill in making me feel so comfortable in talking with him. And by the way please do not forget to tell him what an amazing voice that he has got! and this is said with the utmost respect, and an appreciation for things done very well and with expertise.

Lily Foyster -Author


I have to say, I've done many interviews, and I absolutely loved talking with J.   Such a sweetheart.   Lee Horbachewski - Author

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